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Evolutionary Astrology

What are the principles of Evolutionary Astrology? 


Evolutionary Astrology is a branch of modern astrology taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green. It is a synthesis of western and eastern schools of Astrology. Evolutionary Astrology enables us to track the evolutionary progression of the Soul, past Soul dynamics and potential future direction. It is based on the Natural Law, based on timeless principles of evolution found in nature.​


The astrological birth chart is a blueprint for your life. It is a map of the potentials, weaknesses, and directions your Soul is trying to experience. By understanding your own individual astrology chart, you may work with it and grow internally. It enables you to correlate your internal reality with the external world.



Desire of the Soul

Pluto represents the dual nature of the Soul.

The nature of the Soul can be explained by a story of wave and the ocean.


Where is the origin of the wave? 


Probably most would agree that the ocean is the origin of the wave. But, from the point of the wave, the wave separates from the ocean. If we put the centre of consciousness in the wave then the wave appears and seems separate. If the centre of gravity within consciousness were within the wave itself then the ocean simultaneously experiences its totality while at the same time experiencing individualizing aspects of itself manifested as a wave.


The story of the wave and the ocean explains the basic nature of the Soul. We come to this world because we want to experience the Source - the energy that created us and is a part of us. 


Science proved that energy cannot be destroyed it can only change form. Change of form is equivalent to the process of evolution. We live because our Souls desired to experience a new reality, new lessons and new challenges. 


Each Soul has a double, separating desire - to experience life and to return back to the Source - just like the wave emerging from the ocean. 


Pluto represents the double desire nature which is a determinant of evolution.

The process of growth is a constant struggle to be better, to improve the quality of your experiences during this lifetime, and to grow into an understanding of your own nature.


dragon eating itself.gif

☊ Moon's Nodes ☋

The trajectory of your Evolution.

The South and North Node of the Moon symbolically represent the trajectory of the evolutionary process each of us is going through. Reality and the present moment are a result of our prior incarnations/experiences. The way we experience the present moment is a direct consequence of whatever has happened in our evolutionary past.


We are the totality of former experiences that brought us to this present moment.

Moon's Nodes gives us insights into our past conditioning, of how we were accustomed to dealing with reality in the previous incarnations. 

The South Node of the Moon represents our past but at the same time, it creates the comfort zone for the current life. It is a feeling of safety we are always coming back to whenever life gets too complicated, we can rely on it because we have lived it.

The North Node of the Moon gives us the current evolutionary direction and a different way of looking at the present moment. If we want to grow, we cannot rely only on what is already known to us (past experiences). If we want to make changes in life we also cannot entirely break up with the memory of past experiences, but we can look at it from another perspective. 


And this is exactly what the North Node can provide us - a new perspective.

Integrating the lessons of North Node helps with getting out of the comfort zone to face the unknown and as a result of that - evolve.

The Evolutionary Paradigm

Evolution is a process which happens on the level of the emotional body of the human being. Deep down, we are rooted in our Souls, which are timeless and their spiritual essence exists forever. 


Coming into life as a human being, Human Soul is creating an "emotional lens" which enables us to personally and subjectively experience the ebbs and flows of the circumstantial nature of reality.


We are equipped with a tool, called "Ego".


The easiest way to identify your Ego is simply saying to yourself:


"I am..."

Ok, but where is this "I am"? Who is it? And where is it situated?

This is a question which we can answer only by living our own lives and physically and emotionally experiencing our own timelines of life.


According to one of the Natural Laws - the reality and dimension of time on Earth are cyclical. Time operates in cycles. The cycle of four seasons, the cycle of the Moon, the cycle of breath, of day and night and so on... If we scale up our perspective, analogically entire human being's lifetime is also under cyclic conditions of Time, it simply must mean that we come here periodically, to experience life on Earth, and then come back to wherever we came from.


If life has in it a promise of death, death must have a promise of rebirth.

The evolutionary paradigm of the school of Evolutionary Astrology enables us to come closer to the understanding of our "I am" from the past - the Ego created by the Soul in the previous lifetime, which was then used to navigate the process of achieving desires and "wants" of our Souls.

Understanding this dimension of the past, which has a direct effect on the current lifetime gives us a chance to develop internal emotional security and reassurance.

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