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Ancient Future

For years I've observed where is our society going to...


We are proud species on this planet and although we have forgotten - we carry the knowledge and understanding of the laws of this Universe in our physical bodies. 


If we observe what is commonly known as a consensus, the foundations of consensus collective are based on the imagined standards of life, created by pop-culture, politics and fashion trends.


Our sacred and existential knowledge, the basis of who we are as human beings are slowly disappearing.


I truly believe that the more we proceed as humanity and progress into the future, the more we have to look into our roots, and history of the human being.


My aim is to provide you an alternative to the current standards of society, religion and education which is based on a Natural Law, not on the man-made law because I believe that this is the only right way to live in harmony with our divine mother - Earth.

The knowledge I want to share with you is extracted from the merging of Evolutionary Astrology, Human Design, Anthroposophy and Theosophy. It is a syncretic understanding of these disciplines that I find the most valuable in terms of spiritual growth.



The Natural Law

We have to admit that our current realities of the religious systems, beliefs and societal structures are deeply seated in patriarchal beliefs. Because we are used to constantly judge what is good, and what is wrong, we are going away from the core structure of this Universe - from the middle line which represents neutrality.


The Universe is diverse, and when we look at the reality and all the products of Creation - they are as they are, they are not created and labeled as good or bad.


We are separated from each other because of our distorted beliefs. Often times, we think that we are superior to the other life forms like animals and plants instead of just perceiving ourselves as different and interdependent beings.


We are subconsciously trained that we can dominate the nature and rule it, when in fact our lives depend on it.


Natural Law is based on the principle of equality of both basic polarities - feminine and masculine. By getting them into balance we can receive from the Universe exactly what we need and in the exact amount. 


Natural Law works through the acceptance and allowance of the reality as it is, in a slight contrast to the Law of Attraction.


Popular nowadays Law of Attraction says that if we really want something we can attract it into our life. But what if the destiny of that one person, trying very hard to manifest fruits out of life is exactly something that isn't required to progress in the evolution of that person?  


It will mean more guilt, more sadness, and more confusion if the efforts are not effectively rewarded...


Natural Law is a mindset that allows for things to stay as they are in a natural way. It is no good or bad, and there is no abundance or scarcity - these are only the concepts we have grown into, because of our distorted beliefs. 


Universe simply gives us exactly what we need at that moment because there is a higher intelligence working upon us. 


All we can do is to constantly participate in the search for God, put God first and what we need will be given to us.

By knowing your astrological birth chart, you are getting to know your real True Self - a blueprint which wasn't given to you by your biological family, by the nation you were born into, or by the times in which you were born. Delving deeper into the understanding of dynamics which play out in your individual chart you are shedding the layers of the environmental conditioning of the times in which you live.

It is a journey of deconditioning from temporal influences to finding your timeless Self.


Bart Ptolemy.




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