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Human Design

Why Human Design may help you understand how to live a healthy life aligned with your physical body?

Human Design is a metaphysical system developed by Ra Uru Hu, it is a mixture of Astrology, I-Ching, and Chinese Medicine. It is a fusion of ancient and modern sciences and helps to understand your individuality and your own original gifts. 

Knowing your Design may help you to understand yourself better and improve your quality of life. We are all different from each other, we all have our strengths and weaknesses - Human Design points out those and makes them easier to understand.  

It is a logical, empirical system that gives you practical information about your own vehicle, body and your psychology. It enhances your self-knowledge and decision-making process that leads to correctness. 

Experimenting with your Strategy and Authority is a great way to experience life in a new way.

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Human Design Types

...Discover your unique design...


Natural Guides

Projectors are wired and equipped with tools to guide the other types. They are masters of systems and their aura is penetrative. They are able to provide correct guidance for the other types. They have to wait and be recognized for their gifts before they can lead the other types.



Living Force

Generators are natural builders of our world. They have an enveloping aura that attracts life to them. They are here to get to know themselves and respond to life. Generators have pure energy and power to build our physical world.

Go Team


Making things happen

Manifestors have the power to create movement between the types. They can initiate and make an impact on other types. They cannot be restricted and they need to inform others about what they are about to manifest.

Chess Pieces Close-up


Enviromental Sponge

Reflectors are the most vulnerable and rare types. They energetical openness enables them to feel the surrounding environment. They can feel if the energy between the other types is blocked. They are able to reflect what is the current situation all about. They are connected and influenced by the lunar cycle.

Moon Gazing
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