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Asking for the clearance.

Today we have a great beneficial aspect of a stellium in Virgo ( Mars + Mercury + Sun) trining the slow-moving stellium in Capricorn ( Pluto + South Node + Saturn).

Mercury is a planet of double rulership, it rules the sign of Gemini and Virgo. Both of these archetypes use the intellectual and insightful energy of Mercury but with a different appliance.

Mercury seen from the side of Gemini wants to communicate whatever and with whoever. It likes to send out ideas and questions to the outward world to test the environment and so to say, "test the waters".

Virgoan perspective on Mercury has a totally different nature. Virgo is a natural feminine archetype, and unlike Gemini that is ruled by Air, Virgo is an Earth sign. All the Earth signs have a great connection to the material realities and behave with a slow and steady pace.

Having a strong trine between the two archetypes gives us the ability to speak up and clean whatever stand on our way to see the patterns inherited from the past. The energy of the stellium in Capricorn gives us the opportunity to seek deep in our psyche for influences of past conditioning, rooted deeply in our subconscious.

The mission of Virgoan energy of Mercury is to see where is an imbalance, where we are sabotaging our own spiritual and personal growth. It is a great moment to speak up what do we think is our personal truth. Thanks to the trine to South Node and Saturn we can now ask the Source for the help with cleansing of what longer does not apply positively to our current reality.

Is it ignorance of physical exercise, is it an addiction or unhealthy behavioural pattern - we can now ask and align ourself with our true nature that lays deep under the layers of unavoidable conditioning.


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