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Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn.

Until 6th of October, Pluto, the planet of transformation and empowerment will go retrograde. To live a life more authentically and closer to our real nature we have to allow ourselves to make necessary mistakes along the way. When Pluto goes retrograde, we focus on our inner issues, which are a burden on our shoulders, and should be a long time ago dealt with. Naturally, this process may feel with a lack of satisfaction and feeling low because being vulnerable most of the time doesn't equal safety. The hardship of letting go and forgiving ourselves is directly connected with one o the basic human heeds - emotional safety. Because we live within the realm of time (Saturn), we often tend to connect safety with past realities, because it is known to us. We may have troubles with letting go of something we know that has to end because it will equal with being honest about it, and in the result - deep vulnerability. It is quite difficult, to entirely trust in the Universe, and fully embrace the need for liberation, because working with Pluto needs effort. And the effort often goes together with resistance and deep emotional dive. If we would always live in comfort and safety (Taurus) we wouldn't be able to go through experiences necessary for our growth and empowerment (Scorpio). The time when Pluto goes retrograde (Rx), is a period of inner reflection about our limitations and borders we have created for ourselves. We should forgive ourselves becoming imperfect and ask ourselves: How can I live a life in alignment with who I CAN be? Which aspects of my personality and life I could sacrifice to improve the overall quality of life and my wellbeing? This month Pluto Retrograde is just a prelude to later retrogradations of Saturn and Jupiter. It is the last moment to look back, in the old world before the pandemic, and see which aspects of your life were always there, solid and reliable. Stop with trying to do things that never worked out, or never gave you a genuine sense of satisfaction. Probably these are the aspects, which aren't true to your real self-identity. Because Moon Nodes, are slowly finishing transit in the signs of Capricorn and Cancer, it is the last call, to observe how can we go out to the world with a true sense of Self (Cancer). To implement a change, Pluto often creates situations of crisis which pressure us to leave behind whatever does not serve our evolution. At the moment we see how our societal system, does not give us promised safety. Because transit of Pluto in Capricorn tries to awaken in us, our wisdom of the ancients. We start to see how Capricorn Archetype is distorted nowadays. We choose leaders based on financial power instead of wisdom like it was in the past. History often presented us with individuals who have the power that is backed up by money but without the ability of wisdom. We can slowly observe how the same system we have created as a pinnacle of human achievement made us its slaves. The rope around our necks is slowly tightening. Because next month, we will have four planets retrograde (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus), what will last until the first week of October, we are getting ready for a long introspective ride inwards. I reckon, that we are slowly heading to a new paradigm of societal reality, based on a new foundation that we haven't seen yet. Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, in December, will serve as a catalyst for change. Change is the only option, and it will happen inevitably, whether we like it or not. It is a natural law of evolution - to create a crisis that allows us for introspection, which may help us to understand what we should stop trying to hold onto. Now we know that being a societal slave isn't longer an option. We should play the game proposed to us, but on our own rules, when we can always step out of the table. During Pluto Retrograde it is beneficial to revisit your past and see what was the thought-action mechanism that was unsuccessful, but we blindly continued our self-defeating behaviours. It is also a time for all of us, to catch up with a collective evolution. We can slowly observe what happens behind the curtains and how much power we gave away to the external authorities, which are less and less trustworthy. In these fast-paced times, the one who has options and possibilities is on the winning side. Do not let yourself be fixed, stagnant and dependable on the old version of YOU. Do not compensate your self-worth and identity, trying to "prove yourself" to the system that is going to collapse. The key to these times is within qualities of Cancer Archetype. If you are willing to achieve success in society, do it on your terms, without the sacrifice of your emotional and psychological health. Let's not forget to tolerate others who are not able to shed the skins of the past at your tempo, it isn't a competition anymore. It is a battle for survival. Be mindful of your reactions, because, current situations have the potential to separate us. We cannot be separated in times like these. Namaste!


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