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New Moon in Aquarius.

The conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn (12th of January 2020) symbolically starts the destruction of outdated structures of our society that need to change.

We can see better now that role models and authorities of these days are not worthy of their positions and often they abuse the power that comes from their status.

Up until now as a collective, we were easy to manipulate and probably we gave away too much trust in the hands of people that like to misuse their possibilities.

We can observe and correlate the effects of the Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn to what is happening at the moment on the international stage.

When we are coming to the end of a planetary cycle, we can develop an objective perspective of the entire cycle. We can see what needs to turn into debris and what will exchange its place. We can look at the "old reality" and see what was wrong with it.

To be an objective person it is wise to be able to detach from the current experience to see what is going on. It may feel like a third-person view. Often when we look objectively at our life we can see that we repeat old patterns of dealing with reality.

We are accustomed to doing things a certain way - our way. However, it is not always adequate to the reality of the present circumstances. What was a solution in the past, may not work any longer.

And here comes the question:

How long can we deal with reality in the same boring way?

Many people have engraved in themselves rules and habits that not necessarily reflect their true individuality. Often social conditioning does not allow them to be authentic. It happens because we need to adjust to the current norms and regulations presented by society to be able to fully participate in social life.

When we feel that there is a change coming in the horizon we have two choices:

We may develop objectivity and accept what needs to change.

We may hold on to the old paradigm, what in a deeper sense gives us a sense of security.

New Moon in Aquarius is squaring Uranus in Taurus.

We can detach for the moment from the reality and ask ourselves:

Do we live our life authentically?

I think that the reality we live in right now, cannot stand the same solutions any longer. People are tired of playing all the time in the same scene with an old record playing in the background. We have to finally get up and change the old tape!

Objectivity helps us to observe where are we sabotaging ourselves dealing with life in the same boring way. Same "boring way" doesn't give us happiness and doesn't solve our problems.

We need solutions that are based on the rule of "acceptance & inclusion", and not "ignorance & exclusion".

Today New Moon is a good time to reflect upon the course of your life.

New Moon in Aquarius squaring Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, helps us to make a step towards finding our pure individuality.

For some time, Uranus is visiting the sign of Taurus that represents what we see as a value and teaches us about the importance of a healthy inner relationship. We have to establish a clear and stable relationship with ourselves first, then we can ask the Universe to throw a change in front of us.

What do you value in your life?

Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn works like a strong gravitational pull to the past dynamics, to the old and outdated realities.

Today we may see where begins the crack in the foundation of old conditioned reality to which we strongly hold on to.

When you look objectively at your life, probably you will see that there new and different ways of dealing with the world outside of you. You can make different decisions and if not, I am sure that there is something else what you could do differently.

The universe is in the constant movement and it requires adaptation and adjustments.

You can make a step towards "new and exciting" or you can be resistant and stay on the ship which is destined to sink...

Remember friends - the only constant in the Universe is CHANGE.

Choose wisely!


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