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Venus in Pisces

At the moment planetary pair of Pluto and Saturn created new phase conjunction. Collectively we are invited to take responsibility for our personal growth and to leave behind anything that no longer gives us a sense of empowerment.

If you are a person that likes to self-improve, it may be more difficult right now to see visible and tangible results of your efforts. At the moment of Pluto-Saturn conjunction that is happening right now, efforts planted into self-growth and self-mastery can bring great results in the long run.

It reminds me of planting a seed that will grow in the future. It may not benefit us directly, but it will surely benefit others that come after us. It has a symbolic meaning of "leaving a legacy" for the next generations.

At the moment it is beneficial to observe where do we set our boundaries in terms of interpersonal relationships. Often we look for attention and validation from others only to fulfil our emotional needs of acceptance and inclusion. We are attracted to those who make us feel good and emotionally stable, but often it deludes us and pulls away from our life goals.

How often we spend time with people that don't support or see us for who we truly are, but they make us FEEL good...

In other words, we sacrifice the long-run goals for short bursts of pleasure.

Current planetary transits can help us to set boundaries between self-respect and emotional fulfilment, but at the same time without compensating our well being. Setting healthy boundaries when it comes to relationships may help us improve our value.

It is a part of the dynamic of Earth Trinity signs ( Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn).

When we observe how do we feel at the moment when somebody crossed our boundaries, we can understand where we should put limits to unhealthy behaviours of others, but first and most important it helps us to see why our previous boundaries failed.

In Evolutionary Astrology double rulership of Venus (Libra and Taurus) symbolises how we relate to others externally, but also it presents our internal relationship with ourselves.

Transiting Venus in Pisces helps us imagine the best version of ourselves. We may visualize our imaginary "perfect Self" that we believe exists somewhere out there. Because this combination gives us very subtle and sensitive energy, there is a risk of being over critical to others.

Criticism (polarity of Pisces - Virgo), may be connected to the judgements we have about others ( current energy overload in Capricorn).

We may simply see and criticize others according to our standards that are not necessarily relative to the person being criticized. We may fail to understand that true wise judgment is based on the objective observation and understanding of the reality of another person. It is simply wiser to give up the judgement of others based on our standards when Venus is in Pisces.

Venus in Pisces has a dreamy quality to it. In relationships with others, we may be fascinated by our projections of others rather than for who they are.

If at first glance somebody looks too ideal or too perfect for us, it would be beneficial to take a second look based on the truth and reality. Being grounded in reality may help us avoid disappointments and at the same time pulls us away from illusion.

Uranus sextile Venus may help us implement these changes into life. Let's not forget that at the moment, everyone feels the pressure to "be successful". We may feel like there is not enough time for self-realization and achieving our dreams. We may fear that if we don't participate, we will miss out. This feeling is probably caused by the high density of planets in the sign of Capricorn.

I would advise you to focus on what may bring you long-time results and overall improvement of the quality of your life. If you are trying to change an old habit, or if you work on something big, current time doesn't support the early celebration. Not just yet. However, it is a good time to stay focused on the long term goals and just keep on showing up.

It is a time of taking responsibility for the course of your life.


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