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Mercury Retrograde in Pisces.

We are in the middle of the first Mercury Retrograde in this decade! Woohoo!

Mercury isn't the most comfortable in the sign of Pisces, his mental clarity becomes disillusioned.

When a planet goes retrograde, we can redefine our own internal, outdated beliefs and behaviour patterns. We can apply the knowledge and facts gathered by Mercury during his direct motion.

If you are a person that has natal Mercury Retrograde, for you, the period of the current retrogradation may be a time of clarity and mental easiness.

Mercury Retrogrades periods in 2020 are all happening in the water and air signs. It means that our ability to think with clarity and logic may be overridden by emotional states.

Because Mercury rules two archetypes of the Zodiac he has a double function - passive one, and the active one.

The active function of Mercury correlates to Gemini. It helps us classify and give names to our environment. We can gather facts and understand the physical rules of the world around us. It also shows us relativity of reality we live in, and thanks to Gemini, we can understand that there are a thousand ways of getting into the depths of Truth.

The passive function of Mercury correlates to the archetype of Virgo. Here, Mercury tries to analyse whatever he gathered from the environment, and now he tries to discern which of these facts are useful and which are not. Thanks to Virgo, we are learning who we are certainly NOT.

OK. So what is the function and meaning of the current Mercury Retrograde time?

During this Mercury Retrograde time, we may find easier to unplug from the social media and media overall. It would be recommended to decrease the use of your stimulants, and whatever else what creates mental overstimulation. When we tune in into ourselves, we may verify our own beliefs and "personal truths" that only slow down our evolution.

An important topic of this Mercury Retrograde is religion and spirituality.

We may feel stronger uncertainty when it comes to faith and spiritual practice. We may have a sudden revelation and realize that the life we live doesn't go together with our beliefs. This realization only shows us that there are a thousand ways to reunite with God/Goddess.

This Mercury Retrograde activates the Pisces/Virgo archetypal dynamic. Every living human being at this moment in time in a bigger or smaller part is conditioned by patriarchal beliefs connected with the history of known religions.

We unconsciously feel humility when we think about God.

Mercury in Pisces may help us reveal our aspects of "victim mentality". It is connected with a distorted picture of God, as it is presented in current religious beliefs.

We should shift our focus on the perception of God and decondition ourselves from believing that God is only external. We unconsciously fear being judged by God, when in fact God wants us to grow and achieve our highest potential. Also, God certainly isn't a male persona - this belief itself creates a limited perception of universal truths reflected in nature.

Current energy of Mercury supports unplugging from reality and calming down, to find what is deeply untouched and constant within us. We should consciously prioritize connection with Divine instead of mundane. Slowing down, we may calm down the mental processes that lead us into confusion.

Nature is the best reflection of the habitat where we should exist. It is given to us, to be able to come back to our senses whenever society takes us too far from reality.

It is also a home of God/Goddess - a power that gave life to everything what breaths and grows.

Until the end of this Mercury Retrograde, let us tune into ourselves, slow down and reconnect with everything that was there before.

God Bless!


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