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The sense of Ego.

Often we hear that to grow spiritually and internally we have to "burn our Ego" or "get rid of the Ego". Often when we see someone who is determined and confident, we say that the Ego of this person is too big or too strong.

However, this kind of description of the Ego is not exactly how Ego is seen from the esoteric perspective.

So, where is the "Ego" we are talking about?

When we look at the Natural Zodiac we can see the relation between Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn - that's right, these signs are what we call a "cardinal cross". If we would like to search for the "Ego" in the Natural Zodiac, archetype which is responsible for the creation of self-identity (what Ego is) is Cancer.

Cancer is naturally squaring Aries and Libra - these tree archetypes in motion create our self-identity constantly.

At night, when you look at the Moon you can see that there is a light that emanates from the Moon. This light is a solar light reflected on the surface of the Moon because Moon doesn't create light itself.

The whole phenomena symbolically reflect the world of dualism we live in.

Some sources say that in the early evolution of our Solar system, Earth and Moon were one unit and human beings lived there, but not in a physical form but spiritual state.

Within time, when evolution proceeded Moon "detached" from the Earth, what gave the beginning of the world of dualism we know right now from the physical perspective. Maybe it is hard to imagine that but at the beginning stages of evolution, human beings were "One" and our sense of identity was rooted in spiritual unity with God/Goddess. We didn't have to live in imaginary separation as it has a place at the current stage of evolution. We consciously sensed both spectrums of the realm - spiritual and material. Now, we cannot perceive the spiritual because the world of dualism doesn't allow us to be fully aware of our dreaming state.

It's a fact that emotions and thoughts are real, but if we would like to find emotions and thoughts inside of our bodies probably we would get disappointed.

How are we able to feel them then?

Emotions and thoughts and also our sense of self-identity - Ego, is nothing else than energy. The energy that is not measured in physical scale. Energy can change its form, it never diminishes.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The same was at the beginning with God."

Probably you know the verses above. In my opinion, the word that the Bible is speaking about is - "I am".

And now tell to yourself - "I am".

When you start asking yourself these question and start wondering where is your own "I am", an amazing thing starts to happen. You start to realize that there is nobody else to who you could relate your version of "I am".

Who is asking the question?

Can I share my understanding of the "I am" with another?

Can I borrow it to someone else?

To find our sense of "I am" ( Ego or self-identity ) we have to consider the archetype of Cancer. Same as the Moon that shines with the light reflected from the Sun, each of us has a container or a filter through which shines the light of the God/Goddess.

We are simply a piece of the Source that experience itself trough our subjective perspective - thanks to the Ego.

So how is it possible and widely spoken that we have to "burn" our Ego to know God?

The key here is to start aligning our self-identity with bigger and bigger concepts until we start aligning our own will with the will of the Source.

Instead of manifesting and creating, we begin to co-create together with God. Ego, in this case, is necessary, to be able to witness the process and evolution of ourselves.

The key here is to shift our self-identity from the strict subjective and personal perspective to the holistic one. Instead of fulfilling our earthly egocentric needs and desires, we slowly gravitate to the one and final desire - to unite with our Creator.

It is impossible to get rid of the Ego, it is required to have a strong sense of Ego to distinguish what is real and unreal.

It is a bumpy and long road to start aligning to the will of God/Goddes, but it is the only way to come back home.

God Bless!


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