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Full Moon in Cancer / Moon Eclipse


Astrologically speaking it is the hardest month of 2020.

Todays Full Moon is also a Moon Eclipse because it happens close to the Nodal Axis of the Moon.

In addition, Full Moon will be influenced by the stellium of planets in the sign of Capricorn.

What are we currently hearing in media, all the buzz about the USA and the Middle East is a good example of how the Pluto influences other planets that are currently in the sign of Capricorn ( Sun, Mercury, Saturn and South Node of the Moon).

The archetype of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. It is responsible for the way we structure our beliefs and how do we systemize them.

Previous archetype - Sagittarius, helps us feel the connection with the Universe and Cosmos, we sense that we are part of the bigger whole.

In the past, tribes and nations were characterized by similar beliefs about cosmology and the mystical connection between humans and the Universe. They shared in common similar observations and similar beliefs - this was the force that connected people and gave them a sense of unity.

Nowadays, borders of the country connect us, but also divide us.

Capricorn is an archetype that gives structure and order to what we intuitively can feel thanks to Sagittarian power.

We often defend our beliefs, we defend our tradition and history because it gives us a sense of unity as a nation.

At the same time, it unites us in an organization called country.

However, how we see the archetype of Capricorn nowadays is distorted.

Power and authority are connected with money, wealth and social status. Unconsciously our judgements of others are based on their social persona, status and wealth, instead of wisdom and morality of their actions.

Current social system, still coloured by the times of patriarchy is set in a way that to win in this rat race somebody has to lose.

Instead of uniting and including, we exclude and ignore.

We forgot that we are part of a bigger system - nature. We got divided by religions and beliefs which are based on the same timeless truths. They have the same denominator. We try to live according to the manmade laws instead of aligning to what is natural.

Todays Moon Eclipse in Cancer allows us to feel what does it mean to be a human, what does it mean to show empathy to the ones that are unfortunate.

We can tune in and feel how fragile is human life.

I don't think you are defined by your race, by your political views or nationality. All these things are part of the conditioning process that prepares you to live in a society. The task of a thinking man is to observe what values are inherited because of social conditioning, and which are inherently your own.

If we would erase for a moment all the definitions and see others naked for who they are - how would you define this person?

Same heart, same smile, same right to live because for some reason we all found ourselves in the present moment TOGETHER, regardless of how strong society tries to divide us.

Let's not forget that we all have agreed to incarnate here. Being alive here on Earth is a gift and we are connected by the same core - God/Goddess.

Let's not forget about our true nature.

God bless!


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