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Future in the hands of "Indigo Children".

If you are already here, probably you may ask yourself a question:

What is the whole reason behind this website, and why - why is it created?

First of all, I will have to tell you why I got inspired to begin this project, project that is bigger than myself, bigger than my life and a project that probably I will be never able to accomplish alone.

The idea behind the whole project comes directly from the events and circumstances of my own personal life. A few years ago, I was living in Austria. I won't go deeper in details and reasons why I ended up in Austria, because it was at the moment of my teenage years when I was becoming a young adult, owever the main reason was to study performing arts abroad.

Somehow it happened that during my studies I encountered literature and teachings of a man called Rudolf Steiner. In a school library, my attention took a book about Eurythmics, unknown for me at that time movement practice, developed and written by no one else than Rudolf Steiner.

The ideology behind eurythmics and the reasons why this movement practice was established, brought me closer to the motivations and background of Anthroposophy, spiritual science founded by R. Steiner.

Since my teenage years, already in secondary school, I showed enthusiasm towards geography and history subjects, and as far as I remember I was always interested in my astrological Sun Sign. When I encountered literature of Steiner I knew that spiritual science is strictly connected to astrology and it comes out of esoteric teachings. I connected the dots and my teenage years started to make sense for me now. I started to notice how life manifests itself in cycles and I could make a connection between my early interest in Astrology and the moment right before graduation out of the Dance University. I decided to pursue my spiritual research deeper, and I finished my studies writing my thesis about holistic approach towards dance pedagogy.

I guess this moment was a spark and at the same time beginning of my journey to the self-knowledge and I decided that I will devote my life to service, healing, and absorption of spiritual knowledge. This is also the moment when I founded a website and YouTube channel of "Astrologia Ewolucyjna" where I can share a new perspective on astrology and share Evolutionary Astrology with astrological community in Poland. Yes, I haven't mentioned yet that I am coming from Poland.

After leaving Austria I decided to follow the steps of Anthroposophy and Theosophy and I moved to London because I always wanted to see Rudolf Steiner House. The feeling inside, architecture and spirit of Sophia inside, impacted me deeply. I have always considered involving myself deeper into Waldorf Pedagogy, but probably - like everything in life - the commitment to this decision will come to me at the right moment in time. My journey for inspiration and knowledge continued...

Portrait in Rudolf Steiner House in London

I was always interested in travels and at that point in time, I've made a decision to trust in my life and follow the path of spiritual science. I promised myself that I will travel to the places where teachings and communities of writers like Helena Blavatsky or Rudolf Steiner are already established and I found myself nowhere else than in... Australia.

First stop - Melbourne, where I could spend some time in Theosophical Society Bookstore where you can find a great amount of interesting spiritual books, not only related to Steiner.

Theosophical Bookshop in Melbourne

Second stop - Adelaide and "Adelaide Theosophical Society Bookshop" and well-equipped library inside, with the titles that are not commonly available. Great service, great librarian and nice atmosphere. Not far away, there is also "Anthroposophical Society" shop with a nice collection of books related to Waldorf pedagogy and few toys designed by Steiner.

So as you can see, somehow I could track the course of my life, and it is very interesting to me, how the whole story appears, and how many similarities I could already observe.

I want to give you a little bit of an astrological overview behind the reasons for my existence.

I was born in the year of 1990 during already happening big conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. The generation of children born at those times is called "indigo children". During this time there was an evolutionary seed planted, a seed that has qualities of Neptune + Uranus. This generation exists here to completely change the way we see our reality, our new future reality that we never encountered before.

My generation is slowly growing to its power, we are not kids anymore. We are about to crystalize our reasons of existence and make them tangible and real. We are no children anymore.

I was fortunate enough to be born during the time when Saturn transited Capricorn. As you can see on the subpage I called "The Idea" - my idea is to extract wisdom from the older an wiser mystics, and innovators what in result will bring a new, better understanding of a new world, and a new reality founded on successful ideas from the past. I reckon that it is important to distinguish which past ideas were revolutionary and could bring us to live in a closer harmony with nature, and which are just an imagination. Yes, it is important to imagine and visualize but to change the world we need to take care of our structures of reality where our natural, physical bodies exist. Because of rapid technological development, Internet, media and easy access to information, we may get lost in this world and forget that we need to build a stable and reliable future for the next generations.

This is the last thing I would ever want - to forget about tomorrow...

We may be a step away from the success, but also a step away from the failure. It is up to us - Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn generation - how we want to shape our future, and in which direction we want to go.

I encourage you to revisit your life and rethink why you are where you are right now, existing at the current time and space. It may give you revelations about your future and your future direction, but also reveal to you all the gifts and hidden gems of your personality that were always there.

Looking into not so far Future, the year 2020 is another interesting time period, when very powerful changes may occur. Balsamic conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. This may bring a birth of a totally new way of our personal relationship to reality, because yes - Saturn rules reality where we all live.

Successively I will add on this page propositions of old and new ideas that may be revolutionary and may be helpful to establish a future foundation under our new reality, the reality where we could live in natural harmony with a planet, with Universe and most important - with each other.

Bart Ptolemy


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