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Illusion of separation

In everyday life, we often don't wonder if there is something more than "me". Sometimes, we can catch ourselves living a carefree life, without self-reflection, without direction. We are so absorbed by our closest environment and surroundings, that we lose the sight of our future.

Often our actions create a pattern, which we repeat because it gives us a sense of security and stability. We are getting accustomed to the pattern - time passes by and our environment seems to change. But often, our inner life doesn't move or evolve...

We mistake changes in the outer environment with the change we so much want but cannot achieve - the inner change.

The energy of the last Full Moon (09.03) was very Neptunian and it revealed to me my illusions hidden in plain sight of my everyday life.

The energy of Pisces represents the collective unconscious, the totality of human experience. At the same time, it reflects the end of human life, coming back to the cosmic womb where everything has begun.

Nowadays, lifestyles we have created are so much off, that it directly damages our matriarchal environment - Nature. Our intellect turned against us and turned against Nature.

We often forget, that our collective relationship with Nature, reflects our collective relationship with God/Goddess. Many of us became greedy and egoistic. For some of us, the reality is described by one word - "profit". Because of that, as humanity altogether, we are going away from the Ocean that originated each one of us.

Let's think for a moment:

Why do we see God/Goddess separated from the human form?

Why do we search for God/Goddess outside of us?

Why do we feel powerless, sometimes only by thinking of God/Goddess?

At least 75% of people are in some way, religious followers. The sense of a structured system of beliefs as presented by religion gives them a sense of stability and calmness.

Some of the religious believers are ready to judge, defend and sometimes fight for their beliefs at the same time risking their lives. For some, it is enough to spend one hour weekly to reconnect with God, and then go back to the normal life.

Why do we see God/Goddess as something separate and detached from the human experience?

It is probably caused by the illusion of separation, which at first sight presents us as beings of flesh and bones, separated from the divine particle. These are the times we live in, times of the spiritual ignorance. But slowly it seems like there is a progression towards change, towards more holistic life.

Full Moon in Virgo, helped me understand that whatever seems separate is, in fact, an illusion. Each one of us carries inside capabilities to know God, but the external world prevents us from finding them. To find it, we have to "slay a dragon", who lives inside of us and wants more and more...

Really... It doesn't matter if we spend time focusing more on the physical or more on the spiritual aspect of life because at the end everything comes to one realization - exhaustion of all of the possibilities dividing us from God/Goddess.

The illusion of separation ("Maia") is an evolutionary engine which sets in motion our growth. Every time we step into a new life on Earth, we come one step closer to the realization of God/Goddess within. However, it isn't a process that happens automatically.

To discover what is timeless, and formless, and what is holy, we need to make a conscious decision to desire it. We are all given free will. We have agreed beforehand to come here on Earth and participate in this experiment called life. We have agreed to be who we are right now, to live where we are right now, and even to make mistakes we often make, because that is the unperfect nature of the human being.

When we observe others, we see what works for them, we can learn from them or we can ignore them.

Often we won't understand and learn from somebody's mistake until we make them ourselves...

This gives us experiential knowledge that helps us reveal our true nature.

Dreams are nothing else than an illusion - we can chase after them forever, achieving one after another, just to find a new one, and then another one... And it goes on and on...

After we come to the realization that dreams are an illusion, and finally we stop desiring everything meaningless, there will be one last dream to achieve:

To know God/Goddes and to be One with God/Goddess.

This is a dream, we have been always chasing, but our human nature needs to be conquered if we want to truly and fully commit to the goal of knowing God/Goddess.

It is a process.

"Nature of every wave is coming back to the ocean".

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