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Invent yourself, and then reinvent yourself...

I wish you all that you invent yourself and reinvent yourself, and if you look back then search only for the reasons that pushed you forward to the place where are you right now.

Invent your new life, based on what always has worked for you, based on your core feeling, gut feeling.

Although we are greeting and wishing ourselves a new year ahead and a new better times to come, there is no such a thing like "better times to come". If you believe that faithfully that is ok, but what if "better times" will never come true...?

What is truly achievable is a change in your perception of time.

So make the best out of your perception, observe, take a seat in the audience for a while, allow yourself to receive life, and be receptive, and maybe ask yourself:

How would you like to reinvent your present life?

What would you like to leave behind?

What weight was preventing you from seeing clearly?

I wish you realizations and courage to cut off all unnecessary things preventing your way to individuation and being blissful.

Realize the power you are carrying and be mindful with who you are sharing it - not everyone will be ready for that, and that's ok.

Not everyone will share your perception and that's ok too...

Invent yourself and reinvent yourself!

All the best in 2019. 🙏

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