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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Mercury is now retrograde, for the third time this year. This year retrogrades of Mercury were all in the water signs, this time it goes retro in the sign of Scorpio that rules of feelings and emotions.

Mercury is a planet responsible for communication between people but also for the communication inside of us - what happens between the Ego and Soul.

Have you ever noticed how fast your life develops, how many things happen that sometimes it is difficult to absorb all the information that is coming through our minds?

When planets retrograde they allow us to reabsorb the chatter and noise and reflect on what we have just gone through.

In the current world of inevitable bombarding us with information, information overload concerns almost all of us.

When Mercury retrogrades we can use his energy to separate helpful information from the useless ones.

This time we are invited to dive deep into the depths and realms of Scorpio archetype.

We can observe how works our psychological mechanism of the fulfilment of desires and achieving goals. We can also discover how do we react whenever something unexpected happens.

At the moment we have also a waning square of Mars to Pluto, which can reveal to us how do we fight and defend our deeply rooted beliefs.

Intensity is in the air at the moment and this can lead to a build-up of emotions.

Mercury, Venus and Sun, all in the sign of Scorpio are making at the same time opposition to Uranus in Taurus.

It may lead to feelings of pressure and uncontrolled emotional rage.

The trick in this whole whirlwind is to find an objective and peaceful way of expressing your emotions, what may be a challenge to those that are more temperamental.

Who holds the power in your life?

Who or what makes your blood temperature rises, and who makes you calm and easy-going?

The intention of this retrograde period that will last until 22nd of November is to strengthen yourself trough self-sustainment.

At the same time, we are asked to accept the reality of others and understand that they are under the same planetary influences.

It is often difficult to have the external world under control, especially when more often it is just an illusion of control. However, what we are in charge of and what we can control is our reactions to the external circumstances.

Instead of immediate emotional reaction, we can step back and reflect on the way of addressing the particular problem or situation.

It is worth to use the last retrograde of Mercury this year, to conserve your emotions and understand how and when do they appear. We may have a better understanding of our psychological themes and how to work with them.

Next year, Mercury will retrograde in the air signs what has another purpose, that's why it's the last chance this year, to work with Mercury and reflect on your desires and intimacy.


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