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New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius

During this New Moon cycle, we are faced with the opportunity to plant a seed that will contribute to our community, to the groups we are part of. We can contribute with our creativity, with our self-expression and our individual sense of direction. Without personal missions and without a sense of life legacy we wouldn't have the ability to progress and learn. We share our visions, we share our goals and we attract people who have a similar sense of direction. Leadership cannot be done without a sense of unity and a sense of inclusion.

This New Moon may give us a closer look at our ability to share who we really are with the world. Often our inner light is too shy to shine and to humble to be there and share. Often we are holding for ourselves our gifts, talents, and ambitions – only because we are afraid that they won't be acknowledged or they won't get accepted by our closed ones. Suppression of creativity and your power creates trauma and it gets stuck beneath the surface. This may create bitterness and egocentrism.

This Lunar cycle sets a stage to practice our awareness of sharing and receiving feedback from our environment. Close conjunction with Mercury may help us to receive logical information and hints about new ways of sharing. Not only sharing but also allowing to receive feedback and love from our communities.

Maybe you never felt worthy of recognition?

Maybe you never felt strong enough to believe that you can change the lives of other people, who see your true light?

This lunar cycle leading to the Full Moon in Virgo gives us the pressure to revisit the places where we were stuck and unable to see the whole picture. Stuck in a frame of our problems rather than seeing objectively what we have already done, and how we have helped others.

We may encounter situations that will force us to adjust our sense of ego and mission. It is often our own importance that prevents us from being included. In the beginning, we were all one. In the beginning, we were all together, as One Soul.

How can we contribute to our community in a better way?

How can we learn from others and hear their needs?

„Iron sharpens iron”.

Bart Ptolemy


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