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New Moon in Libra

Today we start a new lunation cycle - this time in the sign of Libra.

At the moment we have entered Libra season, which brings our attention to our relationships and teaches us how to establish a healthy balance of the energy exchange within relationships.

Libra is associated with harmony and justice, and often it is seen as a sign of balance, what in my opinion is far from reality...

Do you know Libras that live in chaos and mess?

Do they go from one extreme to another?

Do you wonder where did they lose their "balance"?

Me too...

However, it is not their fault, because the archetype of Libra is focused on a desire for balance and harmony in contrast to being stagnated in the harmonious state.

"Balance" is a utopian ideal.

Walking the path of harmony is inevitably connected with a search of your individual "golden ratio", what may be seen as a balance in sharing of your precious time on Earth with others.

New Moon in Libra is opposing Chiron - archetype of a wounded healer that prevents us from living with our full creative potential.

This aspect invites us to reconsider how to lead your life focusing and nurturing your own needs, but at the same time being respectful towards the needs of your close ones.

This lunation cycle we can learn a new approach of establishing a compromise between being focused on yourself, and being focused on others, your partner or family.

I believe that, from time to time, being focused and absorbed with your own life is nothing bad, especially if it's a time spent on self-growth and self-discovery.

This approach can help us understand what problems we are dealing with in our own lives, and how can we fulfil our essential needs without projecting them on our close ones.

If we spend the next two weeks focusing more on ourselves, we could be presented with a knowledge of our imbalances.

It is true that during the Libra season, we may be more social and outgoing than normally, but with the awareness of current transits, we can develop a new, fresh look at our relationships.

To be honest with others, first, we must discover which needs can be fulfilled only by ourselves.

Knowing your own needs, and taking care of them we may open a new spectre of receptivity - a sensible ability to be able to listen to others.


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