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Total Lunar Eclipse

Partial Lunar Eclipse "Bloody Moon"
Bloody Moon

Lunar Eclipses are related to our emotions... our deep hidden and often dark emotions that emerge from the subconscious mind. During Lunar Eclipse, Earth is situated between Sun and Moon.

This energy is able to stir our emotions and let them flow out to the surface, emotions that are often repressed and hidden. It is a moment when we can practice our control over emotional body and find a source of emotions that are repressed.

Often when we are emotional we cannot find ourselves in the middle of the storm. We lose control over emotions, we switch off our mind and logic. Because of that we can practice and notice the difference between reaction and response...

If we react to the emotion, which can be bad and good – we loose logic and we let ourselves be controlled by emotions,

If we respond - we are masters of our emotions and we are able to navigate through the storm.

This is a crucial difference that can be observed in the next days – whatever comes to the surface is temporary and don't let it control your actions.

Emotion + Reaction = Powerlessnes

Emotion + Response = Wisdom


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