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Pluto direct.

Once a year Pluto is going through the retrograde period. It is a planet that rules the archetype of Scorpio and often creates moments of tension that are necessary to bring a new change.

In the upcoming months, we can observe that there is a sense of chaos and irritation around us, what may be connected with our need to release the momentum that has build in the last few months.

Pluto energy tries to change us with the use of our emotional body. What we are going through in life is often related to our ability to be able to feel and acknowledge your emotional frequency. If something doesn't feel right it may be a symptom of resisting a change.

Pluto is often responsible for the totality of the past experiences, that are often repeated by us to feel safe, to keep everything in the seeming balance.

The polarity of Scorpio and Pluto - Taurus often indicates our need to stay in the comfort zone, in what is already known and gives us a feeling of completion.

However, the tension between the two ends of this spectrum often doesn't allow us to stay in the comfort zone for too long.

If we stay for too long in what's comfortable the energy of Pluto will create a necessary event or awareness of the need to change and evolve.

These changes may be caused by the external influence that is out of our control, or a gradual build-up that grows over time, making it more and more stressful and apparent.

Playing the same scenario, the same resolution to the old problems we may come to a moment when we get tired of being unable to solve our problems with the same solution.

What was working some time ago, does not guarantee a good remedy for the present, fresh problems.

Most of the problems and periods of your life when you feel stuck are created by you because of the outdated solution to the problems that are connected with the same root.

Retrograde period of Pluto invites us to revisit and reflect on unresolved problems and aspects of life that need to be changed.

This time has more of a retrospective quality.

When Pluto is direct, everything that we've looked at during the retrograde period of the planet is thrown right under our feet.

It is a time of the fight with the impulse to evolve, to go above our comfort zone and release whatever stops on our evolutionary journey.

Pluto in Capricorn tries to teach us responsibility for our past actions and decisions. Decisions that were taken from the level of our Soul, necessary to push forward evolution on the earthly plane.

We are asked to find the inner authority, strength and feeling of empowerment that will help us to take responsibility for what our life looks like now, at the present moment that is a result of our past decisions and experiences.

Decisions that we've made in the past have the same importance and relevance as the decision we will take in the future.

We have to be accountable for our actions no matter how woke or "enlightened" we are.


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