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Scorpio New Moon

We just started a new lunation cycle, which will culminate on the 12th of November, with a Full Moon in Taurus.

The current moon cycle is in almost a perfect opposition to Uranus in the sign of Taurus.

Next two weeks are helpful with seeing what prevents us from finding our root, a core sense of being, which is represented by the archetype of Scorpio.

Often, we want to squeeze from life the most, however, from time to time we may find something that stops us from it and we procrastinate.

As soon as our attention focuses on something for a long while we got distracted...

This time we have the opportunity to focus on this one thing that makes our life more colourful and gives us a sense of progression.

Current New Moon is activated by the energy of Uranus. Uranus in Taurus brings our attention to the sense of personal needs, needs that enable us to evolve and progress in life.

With scorpionic passion, we can tur our eyes inward and dig deep into the land of personal needs, wishes and goals. Uran helps us to shred the layers of societal conditioning.

What role do you play in your life?

Are you a mother, father, artist, cashier, waiter?

All these labels are disappearing when uranian energy enters the stage.

The energy of Uran is a symbolic record of our hardships connected with the process of personal individualisation. We all are much more than labels imposed on us by society.

This New Moon ignites the scorpionic fire and need of getting to the bottom of the things what helps us discover our personal truth.

With the help of Mercury and Venus that is also in the sign of Scorpio we can observe which of our personal relationships are supportive and which are only dragging us down and are outdated.

Often we feel bond with someone because this person allows us to fully express who we are.

But, do we really express who we are, or are we adjusting our self-expression just to meet the expectations of others?

Observe if relationships in your life feed your curiosity and growth.

If that's not a case, maybe it's a good moment to cut off whatever and whoever stops your self-discovery?

Good luck!


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