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Stationary Saturn - Dissolving boundaries.


Coming back with memory to April, the previous period of four months was a time when Saturn was in retrograde motion. At the current moment, Saturn is stationary, what in other words means that he is turning back from retrograde motion to his direct motion.

The cycle of any planet consists retrograde period when a planet seemingly moves backwards. However, it doesn't mean that planets magically stop and decide to change the direction, retrogrades of the planets is an illusion visible from the point of Earth.

When a planet changes its direction ( when it stations ) it has a stronger influence, according to coming into stationary retrograde or stationary direct motion.

Saturn symbolically represents a physical dimension and boundaries of your physical perception.

Imagine your life consisted in a box. Everything what you think is possible to manifest or achieve is inside of this box. Your plans, who you want to be, everything what you think is real is there. We could give this box a name of "Reality", however, there is one catch...

Boundaries of your "Reality" box are described by you only according to the present moment.

What happens when somebody has ambitions and see a better future, wants to reach for more and push the limitations?

This is why times of retrogradation help with getting on the right track.

It's a time of reorganization, repetition and reevaluation of your life and what's possible.

Cycles of Saturn help us achieve what we desire, with the use of determination and discipline. During the Saturn Retrograde, we could revisit our plans and goals for the future.

Saturn also pressures us to observe how do we relate to society as individuals. It stresses us to define our position in society, on the terms and conditions that come from within us.

For example - during direct motion of Saturn we would accept reality as it is served to us, but when Saturn is in retrograde motion it pushes us to make decisions and create an impact on the external reality.

We were forced to think creatively and apply changes to our life. Instead of being stuck in the "Reality" box, we could think of new ways of shaping it and pushing its limits.

Whatever was difficult for you during last months, may now find a new solution. Stationary Saturn applies new approaches to the old problems.

Homework given us by Saturn is connected with the subject of individual values and essential needs. When Saturn is in retrograde it points to the current position of Uranus which now is also in retrograde.

The process of individualisation is connected with the ascension from the status quo and seeing yourself as a part of consensus to the stage of seeing yourself as an individual, different from the rest.

Last months we could see what do we need to build a fresh foundation, from where we could make new, healthier choices.

We are not the slaves of the system we live in, we could go beyond what is common, known and normal to us.

If recently you came up with new changes you would want to implement into your life, it is a good moment to trust your insights and start manifesting a new version of your life.

Be a creator of your new "Reality", based on your terms and conditions.

Adjust your box to whatever shapes and sizes you want.

Be brave!


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