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The World of Soul and Ego

Being born on Earth, we've agreed to participate in a spectacle of dualities.

Our reality is like a piece of artwork, perceived by the countless audience.

The subject of human Soul for ages was a field that was considered non-spoken, which is difficult to explain rationally.

Whatever is true and real in human life has a lively and airy nature.

Similarly, we can think of a human Soul.

During our often short and quick earthly life, we are given a certain timeframe, with the limited time that we can spend according to our free will.

Not everything in our lives is a matter of fate. We can influence the course of our lives however we are sometimes helpless when it comes to the choice of the waters on which we will float. The waters of our Soul.

Ernst Wilhelm - Vedic astrologer says, that 75% of what happens in our lives can be called fate. The remaining 25 % is under the aspect of our free will. The universe works on our favour. Whenever we fully commit ourselves to have total control over our free will, we can change 75% of our predestined fate. The universe rewards your efforts with the triple outcome, that's why it is possible to entirely change the course of our fate.

Ok, but what is a human Soul?

Can we come into conscious contact with our Souls?

In spiritual communities, we often say that we need to get rid of our Ego. Looking at the nature of the Ego from the astrological perspective, a Human Ego is often compared to the symbolism and characteristics of the Moon.

Can we physically get rid of the Moon and still exist on the Earth plane?

Can we spiritually get rid of our Human Ego and still say "I am"?

Ego is often seen negatively, as something "over the limits" something that should be tamed, and something we have to stop identifying ourself with.

Looking objectively at someone who could fit these characteristics, this individual may have a deep contact with how he sees his Ego, what in reality is nothing wrong because Ego itself is neutral. It is just a function of our consciousness. This person may have strong and hard contact with physical reality. These people often see the world around them from a very subjective perspective, often being driven to achieve what they want with the support of the Ego forces.

There is a reason behind our spiritual evolution, and somebody who at the particular moment has a very strong Ego could already experience the whole story of being spiritual and seeking God in the previous incarnations.

But still, can we describe rationally the nature of Soul and point where the Soul exists in our lives?

In my opinion, Human Soul is everything that doesn't have a direct connection with "I am" - with "Self".

Symbolic, spiritual "hero journey" is possible only on in our physical realm.

We have always existed as Souls - energies that don't disappear but only change its shapes, that's why we often call the physical world "Maia" what in other words means "illusion of reality".

Walking the spiritual path, we start to understand that the spiritual path leads rather backwards than forward because we are coming back to senses of who we are, that are rooted deeply in everything that we imagine as Spiritual.

But what is the reason behind being here and now, and sharing this world with other human beings that also chosen to participate in this project called "Earth"?

Observing cycles that are present of Earth we can see that we exist in a world of Dualism.

We close our eyes, just to open them in a moment,

After each breath of air, we need to let it go away,

Every heartbeat is followed by a brief silence,

After each dark nightmare, we are waking up in morning light.

Human Soul as well, has a dual nature - it incarnates itself in the physical world to trough the human experiences understand what it ISN'T.

At the same time, when we look at past experiences we can slowly see that all the goals and ambitions of youth may no longer have any sense when we are already grown-ups. We may also come to understand why we desired what we desired in the past and why we become who we are right now.

As time passes, we begin to turn our spiritual eyes deep into ourselves to look for our true timeless nature.

We follow the spiritual path leading us to the memories of being One with everything that we have known, with God who breathes human life into us.

When we no longer dream about being rich,

When we no longer want to participate in a rat race,

When we are no longer jealous about the achievements of others,

When we are tired of what is mundane and common.

We are slowly exhausting desires of our Ego,

at the same time coming back to our real Harbor.

Bart Ptolomy.


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