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Scorpio Season.

We are just at the beginning of Scorpio Season, a time when Sun travels trough these part of the Zodiac Wheel. A time of the year when we look deep within in a search for the cycles of death and rebirth.

It is a time that supports self-analysis of your behaviour and character and facing your own shadow.

Nature is preparing to go into the dark and cold time of the year when regenerative powers will slow down to prepare us for winter.

During the next month, Sun will shed some light on areas of life that are powerless and lack our understanding.

Scorpio archetype enables us to feel safe but at the same time to feel powerful. We often establish relationships with something powerful, something that we are lacking. These are our symbols of power.

By understanding the never-ending cycle of death and rebirth represented by Scorpio, we can fully participate in our earthly lives.

Often we live without awareness of death and awareness of inevitable end.

We consume everything that is served to us by the culture of consumerism, mindlessly following our senses. Everything in your immediate environment tries to distract you from being you. We got provoked by colours, smells, and sounds.

The murmur of the era tries to pull us away from our power what in result entangles our free will and ability to decide and create the future.

It is a fight. A fight for your attention and awareness.

Who has control over your life?

Are you sure you can control your immediate environment?

Or maybe it is an environment that has power over you?

During this Scorpio season, it is good to spend your time tuning in, into the stillness and contemplate the direction your life is taking.

Next week Sun will be opposite to Uranus in Taurus. This aspect will help us to understand where are the limits of our power.

These limits are often created by nothing else than ourselves.

Mars in the sign of Libra gives us the drive to understand our intimate and personal relationships.

Are you surrounded by the people that accept you as you are and empower your life direction?

Or are you dragging behind unwanted, outdated burden that only slows down your growth?

Sun and Uranus show us new solutions to old problems. They illuminate what we have long-time forgotten.

We can now discover new creative forces within us that will awaken our core root of our Souls.

What stops you from making the next step to self-understanding?

Is your self-worth so low that it stops you from taking responsibility for your life journey?

We can ask questions, rationalize and find multiple answers, however, nothing teaches us better than our human experience.

Often, to find satisfying answers, we have to experience the truth. Often we learn trough pain and weakness because nowadays truth is nothing common.

Truth lays deeply under the societal conditioning, collective one but also individual.

Maybe the whole story isn’t connected with knowing the ultimate truth but rather confronting what isn’t true?

It is so easy to cover your eyes and forget about our shadow side.

Shadow is a part of each of us and it reminds me of an empty container that only waits to be filled with understanding and compassion.

During the next month, we will have the opportunity to understand what makes us powerful and what only slows us down.


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