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End of a year, beginning of a decade.

The present year is a year when we will witness interesting astrological phenomena. General themes of 2020 concern conjunctions of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto - all of them in the sign of Capricorn.

The symbolism of these planets is connected with all the events happening right now on the political and international area.

Planetary pair of Saturn and Jupiter pictures societal growth in terms of beliefs and ideology.

Saturn is a planet that rules old hierarchies, traditionalism and conservatism and is focused on utilizing useful ideas from the past that works until the present day.

Jupiter represents expansion, hope and need for freedom, in order to explore new ideas and expand the horizon.

Both planets meet approximately each and every 20 years. Every time they meet, they present us unresolved problems that prevent fluid evolutionary growth. What is interesting it is one of the last conjunctions when Jupiter and Saturn meet in the earth signs. Next conjunctions will happen in the air signs.

In January/February Pluto will be visited by Saturn, and later by Jupiter. Pluto in Capricorn since a long time tries to challenge our individual perception of societal structures, financial matters, and political perceptions.

We all know the political scene is ruled by people who have money, connections and common interest. Transiting Pluto in Capricorn exposes situations when those in the position of power abused their power.

Many times situations where these dynamic took place are exposed to the public. I feel we may expect more manifestations and protests on a worldwide scale like it is happening right now in Hong Kong or Chile.

Because Pluto energy purges everything that doesn't serve us anymore, same tries to happen with our personal belief system.

Capricorn symbolises the physical structure of a human body, skin, skeletal system but also economy, financial and bank systems or national borders.

Transit of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto through the sign of Capricorn signifies an end to the past structures of security and societal sense of structure.

I feel that current world events can be compared to the boiling pot of milk which in a few seconds will boil over and make a huge mess... People are tired of participating in a system that doesn't reward their time spent on building it. People are tired of being slaves.

Why did we create a system to which we have to adapt instead of a system that supports the growth of the individual?

Moon Nodes on the axis of Capricorn and Cancer are there for a reason...

The way we have lived until now, whatever gave us a sense of security is no longer valid. When we focus on achieving things that society perceives as valuable we only loose time because we start to wake up to a harsh reality of what society is nowadays. Whatever is "socially acceptable" concerns the system that is designed to keep us "on the plantation", to keep us as slaves. Hiding behind titles, professions, wealth - what is all connected with the archetype of Capricorn, does not have sense anymore, because nowadays everyone has access to information. Right now being successful or not is only a measure of your individual efforts. It is not a lack of possibilities, anymore. And now comes the question:

What do we really want to achieve?

What will give you fame, when in the past people spent years and years practising their talents, and now thanks to social media we can fulfil this need for recognition almost instantly?

What will give you being wealthy and rich when the possibility of economic crisis is right at the corner and you can lose whatever you've gathered for years?

It is necessary to redefine our personal sense of "success" and "authority".

North Node in Cancer brings our attention more to the "feeling" rather than "achieving". It invites us to question who we are for ourselves and not for the world out there because it is YOU who sets the prize for your own self-worth and nobody else.

Everyone has an internal moral system that isn't really connected to the external world. We all have a moral compass that shows us the trajectory of our individual evolution no matter the circumstances. Although it may be difficult nowadays to find some time alone and tune in to this energy, having your own values will only foster your evolutionary growth. If we are guided by what we internally feel is right and true, there is no shame in taking actions and decisions that are focused exclusively on you.

In present times world changes dramatically fast, and every time we put our sense of security outside of ourselves we give away responsibility for our own lives. Especially when evolutionary and planetary forces shows us that we should redefine what the system really is and how does it serve the individual. We should try to focus on things we can control instead of waiting for a saviour that may never come.

You have come to this world, you have agreed to be your own saviour.



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