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Full Moon in Pisces.

Full Moon in Pisces.

Slowly we are coming to the moment of culmination of a current lunar cycle – Full Moon on the axis of Pisces and Virgo.

For the last two weeks, we had an opportunity to critically look at our individual life and observe our daily routines and habits. The energy of Virgo helps us to cleanse our environment and day after day cut off unnecessary parts of our reality that no longer serve our evolutionary purpose.

The reward for the devotion, effort and work on making yourself better every day, is clarity and understanding of our evolutionary journey. Thanks to working on ourself we can come closer to our authentic essence, which we can taste thanks to the archetype of Pisces, the natural opposition of Virgo.

Pisces and Virgo is a polarity, which represents apprenticeship – being a servant to something much bigger than the human Ego. Often when we react negatively towards the Virgo wisdom we can be self-critical and we can punish ourselves for our shortcomings. We may lose our hope, by seeing ourself distant and far from the imagined perfection.

Perfection, being ideal and flawless is often a big challenge, especially if we starve for being perfect according to something external, what lays our of our reach. A healthy progression and self-growth are possible only when we compare our "today" with how we were "yesterday".

From the other hand, if we look closer at these two archetypes and focus on the archetype of Pisces, we can catch ourselves on living in the illusion of already being perfect. Living in a realm of Pisces we can lose contact with reality that is often sturdy and brutal. A good example of that is excessive use of social media and living a "virtual life", where everyone considers themselves as a centre of attention, showing only positive traits and behaviours. Even in a real-life, just look around and see how many people are absorbed with their smartphones, walking around ignoring their surroundings.

Achievement of perfection is practically impossible because we live in a world that is governed by the master of time - Saturn.

Is it possible to be ideal and stop the process of growth?

I don't think so, because even if we achieve desired perfection, there is always another day, another challenge to conquer.

Just look at nature, where the Natural Law dictates the rules. Nature never stops the progress of growth, it is in continuous motion, but at the same time if we observe the nature with the human eye we can see that the processes used by nature to create reality are undoubtedly perfect.

If you look at the tree or a flower, what makes it imperfect?

Why we often focus on what is imperfect and incorrect?

What makes us stop fighting for a better life?

What prevents us from levelling up our lives?

I think it is a human nature that often stands on the way of achieving a greater life...

Full Moon in Pisces may show us areas of life that need correction and fixing.

I am sure you have habits and behaviours that are negative and don't positively build your life. Give yourself acquiescence and time and let reality unfold these dynamics in front of you.

Do not force the process that has its universal timing.

Often what sabotage us is rooted deeply in our subconscious and we are not fully aware of these dynamics. However, once someone points to us these behaviours, don't get tricked into thinking that the positive change is something rapid and immediate.

Today's energy helps make gradual changes. Step after step. Change and progress are processes in which we shouldn't skip any steps, because sooner or later we will have to revisit whatever we've missed.

Give yourself time. Give your life a moment to reveal in front of you what needs to be changed and what you should cherish and respect.

The archetype of Virgo is also connected with health and daily routines. One of the ways to understand and integrate the understanding of God goes through the cleansing of your daily life and healthy routines. This in result may give us clarity and spiritual vision.

You are given one body that serves you as a tool to navigate this beautiful world.

Be mindful of how you use it.

Bart Ptolemy


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