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Mars in Scorpio.

Until the end of 2020, Mars, the planet of action and initiation of new ideas will travel through the sign of Scorpio.

Mars likes to be in the sign of Scorpio because it is a traditional ruler of this archetype. Scorpio is also ruled by Pluto, what symbolises our unconscious need to hold on to what is safe, but not always understandable.

Transit of Mars in Scorpio may allow us to dig deep into the core root of our motivations.

Mars in the current state would like to understand its motivations and reasons.

Why do we act as we do?

What motivates us to do as we do?

What is our deeper purpose?

Mars is a lower octave of Scorpio leads us to the current position of Pluto. I wouldn't be surprised if memories of the times of patriarchy and patriarchal conditioning would come up to the surface in the next weeks.

The energy of Pluto in Capricorn holds inside memories of times when men had a strong authoritative power, they possessed the land and high social functions. It is also a reminiscence of beginnings of all of the religions we know right now.

Yes, most of the religions known to us and practised right now, have a patriarchal flavour.

We live in times when masculinity is considered as something toxic, understanding of patriarchy is also far from the truth.

"Fight the patriarchy", "hex the patriarchy", "stop patriarchal oppression" - this kind of slogans are very popular right now, especially in the society coloured by the feminist's agenda.

We have to understand that humanity is going through the times when masculine forces are strong, but also through the times when feminine forces are strong. It is a parable.

Both - times of patriarchy and times of matriarchy have their advantages and disadvantages. However, it doesn't mean that one is worse or better than the other.

Right now we are pushed to think of patriarchy as something that needs to be erased and dealt with.

Pluto in Capricorn helps us understand (or not...) how everything that was always natural and normal, got crooked and mispresented to keep societal order.

One of the strongest powers of men is the creative sexual energy represented by the seed or semen. Thanks to these creative powers we can co-create the world together with God and give beginning to the new life.

During the times of matriarchy, society didn't have such strong control over reproduction. We didn't need to control our offspring because children were raised by mothers together when men were primarily focused on gathering necessary resources to keep survivability of the whole tribe.

Present times and unavoidable social and religious indoctrination is influenced by the patriarchal times and unfortunately, the main objectives and goals of patriarchy are represented in the bad light.

"Patriarch" is a male who is the head of a family or the nation, and later on this word was adopted by the Church. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong in the character of a man that serves his family and is an authority for his peers. He underlines the natural male characteristics of being a protector and provider.

Don't you think that nowadays masculinity is slowly getting erased and considered as something unhealthy?

Pluto in Capricorn exposes where are all the unbalances and unequal power dynamics of feminine and masculine energy.

Mars in the sign of Scorpio helps us understand where is our stand according to the matters listed above. Often we look at the other gender through the patriarchal conditioning what prevents us from understanding the true nature of men and women.

Current transit of Mars shows us everything that is unnatural in our perception of the other human being and shows where is our conditioning coming from.

Only by objectifying the nature of our times we can dig deep into what is natural and what comes as patriarchal conditioning.

There is one thing that is worth to focus on until the end of this year.

Observe how do you feel about your childhood and adulthood.

Are you sure that whatever you have learned about human nature is true?

Are you sure you have been taught the Natural Laws in undistorted light?

Peel of the conditioning and old outdated beliefs.

Search for the truth, your truth.



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