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Planetary Pair – Mars and Venus ♁ + ♂︎

Planetary Pair – Mars and Venus

On the 24th of August, we were faced with a conjunction of two personal planets that signify our relationship with reality and manifested creation.

Planetary pair of Mars and Venus is a symbolic representation of how we relate to ourselves and in effect – how do we relate to another.

Whenever these two meet in the Zodiac we are presented with a new blueprint of mating.

Collective Mars points to our conscious need for coupling and exploring new territories. It is our instinct that reacts on the moment, pushing us to taste the unknown.

Whatever we experienced with the help of adventurous Mars comes back to our storage of values and positive experiences. The function of Venus is to shape the right way of treating ourselves and to filter whatever isn't necessary for our evolution. Mars as our conscious desire to evolve needs a place where to store these experiences, that's why Mars and Venus are meant to work together.

The nature and process of creation are based on the need to explore and taste the unknown. It is sexual energy in motion, creating new experiences, new lives, new desires. Sexual energy is the most powerful force we could create as human beings. By sexual intimacy, we taste the other, and we compare the "creative power" of the other, with our own. Mars is a lower octave of Pluto and reacts on the unconscious desires that emanate directly from Pluto.

Have you ever wondered why you are magnetically attracted to some people?

It may because of the astrological connection of Mars and Venus between two people.

Often, we search in relationships something that will make us complete, when in reality this need cannot be fulfilled by anyone else than yourself.

We are already complete, the only problem we have is that we search for a few pieces of our nature that we cannot connect to or find in our lives.

Having a meeting of these two planets always begins a new evolutionary cycle connected to the relationship with other individuals. We will experiment with a new way of relating to each other.

New phase conjunction of Mars and Venus in the sign of Virgo will give us a need to attract another who can help us see our shortcomings and "errors". We can also be of help to others who need to turn their eyes within. Virgo is a very feminine archetype focused on cleansing and preparing of the clean vessel that can be filled with experiences proceeding to our collective evolution.

During the cycle of Mars and Venus that usually last two years, we may encounter people that will help us to balance our creative innocent energy. Sometimes we are coming out as too strong or too egocentric when it comes to interactions with others, now we can tame that energy and learn how to accept the individual reality of the other person.

Are we listening truly and honestly, or are we dressing others with our prejudices and projections?

The ultimate creation is the union of two polarities – feminine and masculine force. Creation is deeply rooted in the act of coupling - two bodies intending to create a new human being – a child.

But what happens if we don’t “waste” our sexual energy on relationships with opposite gender?

This is a topic for another article called - “Sexual energy transformation”.


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